Jan and Fred Cole (The Wool‘N Gardener)

The Wool’N Gardener is honored and excited to be vending at the Woolmington’s First Hook-In!!! We will offer a large selection of luscious hand-dyed wools (and have some new colors dyed over new base wools), one-of-a-kind spot and sparkled dyes as well as other dyeing methods, such as Shiborhi and marbleized wools, a limited supply of one-of-a-kind “silk tie” dyed pieces which could be used for either rug hooking or wool applique, and hand dyed linen.  Of course, a full range of (ever-changing) colors will be available from the richest and deepest primitive palette to pastels – in between are those marvelous brights!!!  To celebrate Spring, we have expanded our pastel palette based upon the subtle colors of Roseville Pottery.  Be sure to rummage through the wool packages that might include several values of hand-dyed wools and some mixed packages with hand-dyed and as-is wools.  And…don’t forget the “bargain basket” – I am continuing to reduce prices on wools from “stash” which I have acquired!  As before, we will also have a limited number of patterns, some of which are adaptations of antique rugs owned by The Wool’N Gardener – check out the Heart ‘n Tulip door/wall hanging and the Old Barn Rug hit’n miss pattern which is a great piece for all your “noodles” and odds-and ends.  The pattern now comes in two sizes:  25 squares and 9 squares!  Lastly, by request and new for 2019, we will stock full 1-yard pieces of dyed wool, great for backgrounds which shows the true effect of the mottling!

Loris Blanford (Wool Farm)

We are busy in the dye pots creating some beautiful wools in anticipation of the 1st Woolmington Hook-In.  This year will feature some new beautiful dyed woolens, whether your palette be bright or dull, fabulous dip dyes, fantasy wools and the old goodies.  In addition, we will be introducing our new line of studio dyed whipping and hooking yarns, sorry silks and chiffon ribbons and some unique embellishments.  Of course, we will be bringing our line of foot stools, patterns, and RAUMA whipping yarns, hooks, and whatever else I can fit in the wool wagon!!!  Look forward to seeing everyone real soon!!

Susan Gonzales (Susan Gonzales Designs)

I am so excited to be a part of The Woolmington’s Hook-In.  I’m an applique designer and I also design rugs for hooking and a bit of punch needle.  Spring is just around the corner and I can’t wait to share some new projects with you all.  See you in April!

Leann Sitler (LCs Wool n Silk)

LCs Wool n Silk has a great selection of original patterns.  We now include a selection of 70 different patterns from David Galchutt's art work.  See the selection on our Etsy site (www.ETSY/shop/LCsWoolnSilk) and stop by our booth to see several examples in progress.
We are honored to have our “Conspiracy” pattern hooked by Marion Sachs and “Gypsy Mice” hooked by Sibyl Osicka featured on the cover of some Rug Hooking Magazines recently.
Check out our hand-dyed Silk, Wool and Velvet pairings.  They are perfect for rug hooking - for embellishments to entire rugs!  We call them DUETs, Ditties, Medleys and Bits – We know you'll be singing about them! 
Our NEW offering includes many new intense velvet colors and Velvet Bits - they are designed to give you a chance to try a small variety of alternative fabric for embellishing.  We also have a selection of wool “dreads” (roving spun on a cotton core and hand dyed).
We are so looking forward to seeing you there.

Ania Knap (Ania Creative Designs)

Exploring, Creating, Inspiring, Teaching the Art & Science of Rug Hooking and Dyeing

I am a McGown-certified rug hooking teacher, master dye instructor and a recovering scientist. My love of color and eye-catching combinations of patterns inspire and drive my passion for artistic creativity. My PhD in chemistry and artist’s viewpoint have combined to forge a unique way of looking at symmetry, contrast and color; and my teaching draws upon this background to offer students a new perspective on design and execution. Classes I’ve taught in stained glass rugs inspired me to reinterpret Tiffany methods for stained glass, from the turn of the last century, to new wool dyeing methods. My invention of Shimmer and Metallic wools has introduced new materials to the rug hooking enthusiast to achieve dichroic and holographic effects in their creations - to evoke visions of stained glass, glistening rivers and reflected sun, feathers of beautiful birds or just the right shiny bit that inspires the viewer to take a second (and maybe a third) look. I also publish a blog on rug hooking with my daughter entitled, “My Mother’s a Hooker” (

I look forward to sharing with the Woolmington Hook-in participants the same selection of wools, patterns, tools and ideas that I share with workshop students everywhere I travel.  I anticipate spending a great day with you.

Wilmington, DE, USA


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